STEP partner update

Just to keep everyone updated: There is now a new regional pastor in charge of our partnership area in Musanze. Pastor Joseph has traded spots with the regional pastor in the neighbouring Kingogo region and is no longer the regional pastor in the Musanze region. Andre Sibomana writes: Regarding the replacement of Joseph, it happened like two months ago, he switched with Rev. Bimenyimana Simon who was in Kingogo Region, the father to Anthony, he is the planter of all Churches in Musanze as he served there for more than 25 years…..He is passionate for ministry and development, he is the one who founded the Two AEBR schools in Musanze. Unfortunately his English is not much, but I hope Anthony can be a good translator of him.
Please continue to pray for Pastor Joseph and his family as they minister in this new region, also keep his wife in your prayers as she has an ulcer on her leg that is affecting her mobility. Uphold Regional Pastor Simon as he works in the Musanze region. Pray that despite the language difficulties we will be able to build a strong relationship with him just as we did with Pastor Enias. Pray for Anthony as he will be acting as a translator. Pray that we can continue our strong relationship with him. Pray that the region will flourish as will our partnership.
Please pray for Andre Sibomana and the rest of the CBM team in Rwanda as they have had more responsibilities loaded on them after the return of the Mills to Canada and the Bustin’s being on home assignment until the end of November. Pray that Andre and the Derksens won’t be overwhelmed with extra duties while doing their day to day jobs.

Job Opportunity

We are looking for a new church janitor.  It is a 20 hour per week paid position starting in late August.  For all details contact Bob Scott or the church office.  Applications close July 15 and interviews will begin the week of July 24



Overseer Changes

After voting him in at the Congregational Meeting on Wednesday night we are pleased to announce that Jon Head is the new Worship overseer!

We want to thank Susan Artibise for her great service in this position for the last 3 years!  God bless you as you use your gifts in other ways now Susan!



Stewardship Team

Can you change a light bulb? Are you able to paint a wall? Have you ever  fixed a leaky faucet?

If you have done any or all of these things please consider signing up for the church  building maintenance team. When something needs a little TLC the church office will send out a group email and, if you are able to help, you can respond with a time that works for you!